Our thin dissolving film technology means more flexibility for brands – and more choice and convenience for their customers.

For end users, our dental and oral strips are more discreet, more convenient and easier to use on the go.

For suppliers or retailers looking to launch innovative dental and oral health products, it allows a huge range of active ingredients to be incorporated. From insoluble to soluble. From oral dissolving and buccal, to sublingual and topical. Providing different solutions for dental health and oral care.

Our expertise in water soluble polymers means we provide added flexibility by tailoring the dissolution of an application, depending on how and when it is to be taken. From a few seconds to a few hours.

We can also change a film’s properties depending on what the desired characteristics of the product are to be.

From bioadhesion and thickness, to size and shape. We can even alter the taste to mask any bitter tasting ingredients.

Our processes give producers more options too. Our gentle drying process means temperature-sensitive ingredients can be used. And our water based process means there aren’t any solvents to remove, making it more sustainable all round.