Product Development


Be inspired to create

We make more products using convenient, fast dissolving film than anyone else in Europe. So if you’re going to develop and launch a new product, we have the people, processes and passion in place to help you conceive and produce something truly exciting and different. In a much quicker, simpler and cost effective way.

We like to work with you as early as possible in the process. That way we can share new opportunities brought about by new technologies and processes. Share the expertise and experience of our team of highly trained specialists. Share the latest developments in the world of TDF. Which means you can create a product to share with your customers that’s genuinely new and appealing.

And while our products might disappear in a matter of minutes, we’re right here with you all the way.

From helping your initial ideas take shape, through testing and development in our world class laboratory and manufacturing facilities, to packaging design and the launch itself.

This is how we work with some of the world’s leading companies to successfully develop and launch their new products. And how we can work with you to launch yours.