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We’ve always believed in innovating. When we set up Bsolve Dental in 2003 we knew there were more ways to use thin dissolving films, more ways to help our partners bring to life exciting and dynamic new products and more ways to meet customer needs and help them look better, feel better and live better.

We’re now one of Europe’s largest TDF manufacturers, and our strips are used in a huge range of dental, healthcare, cosmetic, nutritional and pharmaceutical products.

Working with some of the biggest brands around, we’re a true collaborator with our partners, using our expertise and cutting edge technology to work with them from the initial research and development, right through to seeing their products on the shelves. Products which exceed customer expectation by delivering some of the best results in the market, in the most convenient, fast acting, discreet and sustainable way.

Bsolve Dental, improving wellbeing through dissolvable innovation.